Volunteer Opportunities

The DeKalb History Center needs you to become a Volunteer!


There are many volunteer opportunities that exist at the DeKalb History Center:

* Assisting the DHC office and archives with light clerical work and projects
* Serving on DHC Committees
* Assisting during special DHC events and programs
* Assisting with mailings

Our volunteers provide a great service to the Center and local community and we value their time and support. The commitment is minimal – only a few hours per month – but the rewards are great – preserving history, contributing to the community, and learning more about DeKalb History, Architecture, and Genealogy


Please contact DHC at forgey@dekalbhistory.org for more information or to volunteer.


Thank you to these volunteers who helped during the 2013 Arts Festival:

Jim Jarboe, Mary K. Jarboe, Bob Kelley, Mary Kline, Ginger Krawiec, Cathy Mullins, Vee Nelson, Jack Regan, Claudia Stucke, Dan Whisenhut


Thank you to these volunteers who helped during the 2012 Tour of Homes:

Cindy Clark, Susan Clark, Lucy Dudley, Hilary Ford, Ruby Franklin, Chris Gillen, Ana Guimarae, Danielle Howard    , Jessica Howard, Lorraine Irier , Shea Kelly, Jann Knowles, Mary K. Jarbo, Megan Jarboe, Jim Jarboe, Dot Moye, Cathy Mullins, Lance Netland   , Melva Noel, Oenia Odums, Ann Rhea, Elizabeth Ritchie, Meg Samuels, Bill Shassere, June Shassere, Beth Shorthouse, Elva Smith, Emily Taff, Betsy Tanner, Samantha Taylor, Cathy Vogel, Steve Vogel, Sara Weigle, Lea Whitfield